Why creating a Website with Wix is Bad for Business

A few reasons why not to use Wix for building your business website

website wix bad
I often have clients come to me after using Wix or Weebly to build a website and ask for some help re-creating their sites. The bottom line is that Wix makes it very easy to build a fairly good looking website, and very easy to build a very poorly performing website. Here I will outline why creating a Website with Wix is Bad for Business.

1. Wix Makes It ‘Simple’ To Build A Website

So if Wix makes it simple to build a website why is that bad?  If your approach to building a website as a ‘simple’ task then you’ve started off on the wrong foot. I like to think I know what looks like good retail store design – I’m not an interior designer and would never pretend to be one, so why should you pretend to be a website designer or developer when your business depends on your website? Especially when your website depends on clicks?

2.  Wix Hosts Your Website

When you develop your website using Wix you have no place to go – they host your website and you can’t go elsewhere.  Which leads me to the next reason…

3. You Cannot Transfer Your Wix Data Easily

So, let’s say you got lucky and your site is doing ok. You’ve basically outgrown your website. If this happens, it’s really hard to get your content and theme away from Wix’s servers. You’re basically about to lose a lot of hair on your head. 

Even if hiring an expert is out of your budget at this point in time, you might want to consider that as a factor in your budgeting for future costs of development. 

4. Customization and improvements are mostly not an option

There are TONs of customizations that Wix do. But above all, the SEO and Google rankings, to more data-driven reasons are the most prevalent. If you want your site to suffer from a rankings standpoint, I would steer clear of Wix. This is only assuming you want to rely on organic searches as a part of your website traffic. 

We recommend of course to go the custom site option, X5 Studios can help you create an effective, stunning and SEO friendly website for your business needs. 

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